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12 January 2009


SO GLAD TO READ A NEW POST!! We knew you were in deep work/hibernation/work/winter/work, but so glad you surfaced for a minute to tell your loyal fans that you are well. At the moment you are like a root vegetable, growing underground, but spring will come, greens will grow, and you'll be bursting with juicy, tasty energy!!

Shuna -

So happy that you came back! =) Sounds like you are soaking up everything London has to offer - and good for you! It's pretty amazing what you've been doing already, and I'll bet you've barely scratched the surface. Congratulations on your hard work and dedication to craft: it's very inspiring.
HAPPY 2009!

I will wait for you until the end of time, dear Shuna! Stay well and warm.

Glad to hear from you!

Happy New Year, Dear Shuna. Your post was a pleasure to read today. Thanks.

You know your fans - we'll wait forever, if need be - but I hope you're up soon.

Are you REALLY wearing glitter?!

Take good care..........

Ohhhh, Shuna! Look at you, turning it around for the good, as usual. I miss you, and am thinking of you as a make a batch of em's......

Big hugs and squeezes from the East Bay!

Happy New Year!

So relieved to see another post. I was worried that the holidays had done you in!

Oh, my goodness. I was just now thinking of you and hurried over here to tell you so!

I am looking at the plans for BlogHer '09 and it struck me that you probably wouldn't be there this time.

I hope you are well and find a way to stay warm. The United States misses you.

I am here Shuna, Shuna. Never fear. I am here. But am recovering from bad bout of flu..will write when my head clears of all the foggy fog.

Oh wow! I haven't peeked in here for a bit. You've gone to europe! I don't even know you, but I miss you. I wish we were friends so I could write you letters. Happy new year from your shy, occasionally lurking friend, Krista, in Denver CO USA

Ah, life in a foreign country! Always a mix of pleasure in the new and annoyance with the challenge of the new! And missing the old. It's an adventure, even when you speak the language.

Hope you conquer those pesky canneles!

I wish I could come over for some tea and failed cannelles right now, to make you laugh and be your friend. Winter will end soon I hope. In the meantime, your words always inspire and make me think about the blog I write and how I can be as "real" as you are in yours.

Oh Shuna, I very much relived some of my days in London from your words. Hang in there! Sunny moments will come eventually, and so will an internet connection. ;)

Sending positive vibes to you!

we are are worth it!
big love from down south usa xo

You are definitely not forgotten! I keep on checking your site & become excited when I see an new entry. Thinking of you. Keep warm & hope you get access to the web soonest.

miss you ms shuna.

Not forgotten. I still check daily to see if you've posted something. Hope you're enjoying London!

Always checking up and hoping for a more cheerful Shuna and maybe an interview?
Say hey to Dan Lepard if you see him!

hello Jeremy!! I have just come back from 2 months w/o internet access! Interview? Yes. But when? ~ Shuna

you are here and now

Hi Shuna

I've been wondering where you've been since I haven't seen any tweets from you.

Hope you are well and the internet is back in your life soon.

Cindy (*Cinnamon)

Cindy!! Always makes me hope my blog is in good form when you come for a visit. : } January 30 2009: First day back online in way too long! xo Shuna

So glad to hear you're well, if web-deprived. I can't wait to see pictures of that perfect fever-braving cheesecake.

Here's to trans-continental hugs and well wishes (and glitter)

Yeah Glitter! Thanks Claire, I'm catching your hugs by the handfuls... Shuna

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