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29 January 2009


Very cool, love all that marble and the clean surfaces!! I'm one step closer now I've got on my cake class (I know you'll scoff, experience is what counts!)

Nah, it ALL counts! ~ Shuna

glad you at least found some time topost these photos. i hope you like your "home". it looks like a baker's dream!

I miss your "voice" so much. Hope you are well and HAPPY!

Please say it is so.

It. Is. So. Thanks Victoria. I've missed my voice here too. So. Much. But now I'm back. And I look forward to sleepless nights with a reason... ~ Shuna

welcome back to your other home. we missed you so much and thought of you all the time. xoxo

So many shiny clean things! It reminds me of my clean and tidy apartment except of course for the fact that I don't know what half of the machines are for. Love you. Miss you.

KELLEY!! So nice to know you're reading eggbeater! Yes, the kitchen has some great machines-- you should see what the bread bakers have! And you will, right? 2009 for International adventures? Miss you lots and lots. Look for your letter every day. xo Shuna

I love your dough sheeter! So envious.....

My! what a big bakery you have! =P

Good to see you back!

Of course I am reading eggbeater!! I miss you sweet Shuna! Hope you are feeling better. Can't believe the damn mail takes so damn long!

So very happy you are posting again. That kitchen looks meticulously clean. Sweet!

Shuna! We are so happy to have you back. Thanks for posting photos. It looks like heaven's version of a baker's playground.

Nice digs Shuna! Sparkling!

Hi I found you on the Times' best 50 food blogs---great blog and can't wait to read the archives! Love all the multiple mixers, so shiny!

Bea! Wow! I just saw your site too and ZOW!! Gorgeous. And Square Mile coffee too? Goodness-- I'll be sure to stop in soon. Glad to know there are other friendly pastry chefs in London too! ~ Shuna

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