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24 February 2009


wow! you found yer words then?

i know how you feel.

I loved that, I making a loaf of Miche, sure it isn't pastry but it's baking, thanks for inspiring!

What a saving grace this has been but has not always felt like, the inability to "unlock" it, tame it, know it, figure it all out. In my darkest of days, my insane level of curiousity has been the thing which has saved me. Thank you for reminding me.

A beautiful, soulful piece of writing--passion on the page describing passion in the kitchen. Three cheers for Shuna--you inspire many people, including us!!

Your words are lovely. Just lovely.

I have just given breath to my own modest food/words project, and as I've stayed up eleven nights in a row, brain spinning by the new world I've found, I am humbled by the sweet gifts that so many food-loving writers are giving me each day through their own sites. So, thank you.

And yeah, love hurts. I've got a chocolat chaud burn on my thumb to prove it.

i'm printing this out and taping it to the cabinet where my flour and sugar is stored. i fully plan on reading it every time a souffle collapses, or other such oven nonsense.

So that's what it feels like to be inspired by a muse! I had dinner with your parents, and your uncle & aunt, Patrick and Gladys last night (I spent a week in Callan last summer), and they told me about your blog. Love the poetry of your post. I just started blogging at (also about food but a different slant). If you have time to check it out, let me know what you think!

This is so lovely and true about craft in general. Thank you.

You've said it all. Your writing helps me make sense of the five test cakes I once attempted and threw away. I thought I was the only one. I am no longer alone.

Brilliant. Just Brilliant!

I love the way you write. This is a wonderful and beautiful post.

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