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16 February 2009


Why do I get this innate feeling u should be studying at RADA?????

Could it be your words fashion a vision of more than a baker?

You are sturdying. You are strenthening in ways no other adventure could have strengthened you. Because you are so damn strong already, so sturdy, so sure, steadfast, but this is a big one, this move. It sturdies unclear entities like faith and hope and belief. These are the ones that are solidifing in you. I can hear it. I believe the point here is to make you as untstoppable (sp?) as you were put here to be. The point is we desperately need unstoppable people who possess compassion and emotionally maturity, not to mention a willingness to be accountable for their own actions. We need you out here in this world of ours doing and more importantly being. Finally a canvass big enough for you to paint outside the lines.

So nice to read these words. Fabulous.

You've articulated many things I've been feeling since I've moved here as well, particularly the inward journey. I hope you are well. Kris

Ah, what a journey you're on. It reminds me of the card I saw that said "LOOK, then LEAP", and you are doing that in a wonderfully open-hearted way.....

Good luck with your review - if I can find the damn lucky coin from Mardi Gras, I'll send it.

i've been hoping you're doing well, sfl. and it sounds like you are.

Great post. It's all coming together at 40 and your on a wonderful adventure. Listen to your inner voice and follow your passion.

oh shuna... you took my breath away. beautiful words.

Really a superb piece of writing, Shuna. You get so much in, you let the reader know so much about the universe that is you, the world of big food business, emotions, etc etc!! Good stuff!! And great to know that so many people are with you, following your adventures! I hope all this love and support keeps you adventuring.

Sometimes you leave me breathless; this time you've also left me speechless.


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