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02 February 2009


I'm afraid i have a bit of a bah humbug attitude when it comes to snow in london or southeast of ingerland. the bbc reports of extreme weather conditions yesterday were incredible. scotland deals with this weather every winter and the bbc says naught (london bias) and when the big smoke gets a few centimeters its extreme weather!! i also survived upstate new york winters.
brrrrrrrr ok rant over.

I survived winters in NY too, Kelsie, but I think the point here is that London has no physical protocol for snow, and so it is a major event, because it's a major international city. So for it to full stop, it's an amazing thing to witness. ~ Shuna

amazing and a tad annoying but i get yer point ;-)

Hi, lovely entry on the magical transformation of London, and you make a good point about the international character of the city. It seems quintessentially English, however, to let the snow disrupt things so much (no insult intended, but who else does this?)
The last time this happened I was a child, and I always recall with fondness that that schools were a new generation will enjoy such delightful memories!

I was listening to NPR earlier in the week and they were talking about How London has come to a grinding halt because of the snow. It seems it's been close to 20 years since snow like that has fallen...LOL!

Tell those Brits to suck it UP!...what happened to stiff upper lip and all that! LOL!

It is pretty though.

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