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08 February 2009


re suggestion for sweetheart sayings how about..."get coat, youve pulled" ?

As my son was learning to speak we would say when cuddling him " je t'aime". He reduced this to "je" and so 16 years later that's all we need to say in our family . Also very easy to pipe.



I cook for you

How about "me cravin' 4 u" and/or "me crave you"

in filipino: "mahal kita" ("love you" the i is omitted)

"sinta ko" (my love)

"sweet as you"
"strawberry kisses"
"unbreak my heart"

Kayenne, these are just oerfect-- thanks so much! you sure know how to write on a cookie... ! ~ Shuna

Mon Amour Fou!
Mon Petit Chou
Je t'adore
Sweet Pea
Lucky Love

Maia!! These are magnifique! Merci beaucoup! ~ poisson du shuna


What? Love IS! Come on... you gotta feel the love! It is all around you! Scrap the insipid sweet your GROWN WOMAN MOJO!

As soon as you give the sooner you get the love of your own! I think that's lyrics to a R&B song...LOL!

You know I am a FOOL for love!I BELIEVE! I BELIEVE!

This is funny. All I can think of are cheesy Necco heart sayings. Here are a few:
Let's snog
True Love
Text Me
Love Bug
I'm Yours
Woo hoo!
Hunka Hunka
Sir Snog-a-lot

You'll have to share your best British slang versions.

one of our favorites is "I love you more than salt." it's from a fairy tale. have you heard of it? that might not fit on a cookie. but if you could fit it on one, i'd buy it!

thanks. I forgot to note, "sinta" roughly translate to lover or darling/sweetheart. "ko" means mine.


No pressure or anything but just know that you will be responsible for my jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge if you don't call me on Valentine's Day.
Hugs and Kisses
News at 11

For those of us wishing to give valentines a more inclusive spin...

u r my friend

Vous etes mon ami/e. (don't forget the circumflex on the e in etes, it's the little triangle hat).





Sweet friend

Mon coeur (the "e" should touch the "o")
Ma Mie (addressed to a woman)
Mon petit lapin
Seulement toi
Toi, seul
Je suis folle de toi or simply "folle de toi"(from a woman)
Je suis fou de toi or simply "Fou de toi"(from a man)
Un becqot?
Un bisou?
Et, si...

Have fun, Shuna...

what about...

you're yummy
eat me

Hi Shuna,

This is one is a bit of a double entendre' but I thought it was cute and the phrase is kind of catching on around here.

"Get your heart on"

Have a great day!

Saw a cute one on another blog somewhere: "Radish Me"

How about "eat me", works for those single or in a relationship. I'm smiling, a bit of naughtiness can make the day oh so fun, for everyone.

love's anagram......





Okay...what about some sayings in the language of love - German of course!


or Italian - Ti voglio bene

or the immortal Spanish - besame mucho

howz about:
u make me crumble

I love the "eat me" comment above.

These look wonderful, Shuna!

Happy Valentines Day!!

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