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06 February 2009


This is a non post related topic, but I was just in south Florida in search of a good bagel and at your suggestion, I went to Way Beyond Bagels...yum! This is no bready bagel!

I've also been to the Brown Sugar Kitchen in Oakland. Double Yum, it's like my southern Grandma was reading Gourmet Magazine.

If Shuna says it's good, it's great!

This is a great blog post, it's a great article, and it's all very thought-provoking. I do have to share a giggle with you though, Shuna. When I first read the article, with its subject matter of the disappearance of the pastry chef and whatnot, all I could think of was "Portnoy's Complaint." It's okay. I'm a nerd. :)

"Flattery will get you everywhere." My motto! Shuna, just didn't want to keep on lurking here reading your blog without letting you know how much I appreciate your posts. As an (unschooled) pastry chef I have learned this trade on the job from many wonderful mentors. The breadth of topics you choose to expound upon has really helped me as I try to become better at my job and fill in some of the blank spaces in my education. Your talent is obvious and your passion and work ethic are really inspiring. Big thanks and hope V-day goes well for you & your crew!

So flattery will get me everywhere, eh? Shuna, you are the greatest, the best, the most wonderful in every way, your eyes, your hair, simply fabulous, your mind brilliant, great sense of humor, great friend--shall I go on? Yes? Okay, you're the top, your the cat's pajamas....

I can't wait for Valentine's Day though my boyfriend won't tell me his plans yet. Surprises can be good.

Shuna, thanks for posting this - I've JUST gotten into cake baking and while nothing has sunk yet, i have a feeling it's bound to happen and these are great things to think about in order to limit the number of times it occurs.

Hello.. new to you just tonight and am love the way you so eloquently put it all out there. I am off subject.. but looking to move into sous chef position and am so glad I found you here. Thanks and I will be here often.

I just stumbled upon this blog, looks great! I love desserts, and just reading this blog is giving me some serious cravings.

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