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13 February 2009


I dont know if its all the bad news that everyone has been getting that makes everyone want to celebrate love so much!

Its obvious you're american because no-one ever calls it a holiday in britain unless you've got the day off!

Those cakes are just beautiful.

Oh those look so damn good Shuna! I want one of them or one hundred!!

I'm totally eating the cookie in the last photo that says Touch Me.


Love, love, love all those little cakes, but mostly I love your silver glitter - you look GLAM! V-day sounds delicious..........

I'll take a dozen cookies of your choice. Fed ex 'em...anything! They would be highly effective, today (the 15th), or I suspect any day one would choose to unleash them on an unsuspecting heart!

That last link to the Borough Market made me weak in the knees. I went there for the first time on my last trip to London and had I been able to convince my travel partners to go back on every day it was open while we were there, I would have.

I have enjoyed reading about your time in London - the emotional travelogue aspect is perfect.

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