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04 March 2009


I love hamantaschen....I have made hundreds of them during my internship in a Jewish bakery in California....My fav-raspberry ones with lovely raspberry compote and frozen berries in the centre.....They shine like rubies fresh out of the oven.....yummy.....the rhythm of making them used to put me in a peaceful trance....

you know in my little 'shtetl' in Montreal, we all make Hamantashed with pinched close the filling does not show...interesting that all i have seen on ur site and others is made like you do with open middles

Oh, I LOVE hamentaschen. Brings back lots of memories of childhood...those look so sweet. I always thought the poppyseed ones were the best, as opposed to the jamm-y type.

Can the recipe for this cookie be posted? I would like to make them.

Mmmm.... I love hamantaschen. I could sometimes coax my mom to buy me one at House of Bagels. I prefer apricot.

If they are baked to order are they considered bespoken, or would they only be bespoken if you requested an unusual filling? I don't quite have a handle on that word's usage.

talk about 'childfood' flashbacks!
how wonderful...and YUMMY! i can still feel, smell & taste them as they came from the oven of my family's bakery...prune fillings-dark berry fillings-and red fillings! and that dough magically becoming cookie-crust!

I am in Israel right now, and there is not better place to get one.

Funny enough in Israel they dont call them Hamantaschen. Here the are called Ozne Haman, which means Hamans ears.

It is great in Israel because there are bakeries every where and you can get fresh ones all day long.

They best ones are with the poppy seed filling.

Mmm, so sweet and lovley. I had forgotten about Purim - I'll have to whip up a batch this weekend.

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