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24 March 2009


I never think of London and blossoms, now I will. Just lovely.

I just love those magnolias so much, its the best time, so much hope!

Beautiful!... it is a cold, rainy morning here in Washington state, and those blossoms are keeping thoughts of spring alive...

Shuma, those are beautiful pictures. In Marin county all the magnolias seem to be pink. White seems so much more elegant.

Oh , how elegant and beautiful those London blossoms are! Beautiful photos, as always.

loverly, shuna, many thanks

These pictures are lovely. As Londoners, we spend so much of our time with our eyes on the pavement and then the blossom appears and forces us to look up. It's my favourite time of year. Until Autumn, and then that's my favourite time of year...

As always, your photograph's leave me breathless.

Chelle, Considering that your brilliance and generosity and beauty left me breathless... I'd say we're even. ~ Shuna

so so beautiful!

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