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11 April 2009


once a week i do pottery which is completely different from my daily work or homelife.
I come into contact with people who are not my friends and who I would never otherwise meet.

that's the eternal question and it applies to so many things in life. love, family, health, work... it will be a good thread to follow to see what others have to say about it.

that's a good one!
it is tricky, but i have found (in my olde age...) that i can protect others around me very well, i'm not so good at protecting me sometimes...but when i replenish, i succeed.

an entire day spent reading one book after another on the front porch...a four hour hike in the quiet of the woods...hibernating and not answering the phone/emails/etc. for 48 hours.

i think women especially tend to want to give so much...
they forget to protect a little sliver for themselves.
keep that sliver.
and give all you have.
it's balance. like a scale.

just a thought.

love you!

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