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20 April 2009


Cool day trip! As usual, great photos.

It looks like you all had such fun. I'm gutted to have missed it! :-(

the house you want to live in is marble hill house - i lives just round the corner of it for the longest time! not sure you'd want to live in it, as it is haunted (or so they say) by the ghost of the late henrietta howard, mistress of henry VIII i believe for whom the house was built.
it's also convienently located just across the river from petersham nurseries, a luxury henrietta howard didn't enjoy... maybe that's why she's haunting the place.
they do wonderful picnic concerts in the summer at marble hill... the programme is a bit hit and miss, but the atmosphere is amazing nevertheless!

Fun! You were having fun. I love it. I love the picture of you and that you got sunburned. It does my heart good to hear it. Oh fun, it is indeed medicine for the soul. Yippee for you!

how i love the regal, bucolic and green england. reminds me of my time there as a kid. with fairs, strawberry picking, scones, Windsor... i know it's not always like that but i love thinking about it that way sometimes. especially during spring. what a great day trip.

field trip! love it!
glad you took some much deserved time away from work to have what looks like much fun...
and i like how every picture of you I see - you look like you are aging backwards!
you are embracing your wisdom and softness and it sure comes through...
gorgeous photos...thanks for sharing!

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