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16 April 2009


Beautiful post Shuna.

Thank you

You do amazing things with words.
Wishing you all the best.

Ah, so so so lovely. Transparency is refreshing, along with all of your words. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Absolutely amazing.
I want to hold your hand and give you many hugs...
Stay strong....

love you muchly

Just beautiful.

I love your blog! I am a baker at wildflour bakery in Freestone, (sonoma county) CA...I SO relate to your writings and look forward to reading them.
Thanks for the inspiration! the way, do you have any amazing recipes for a rhubarb cake??

Hello Gabriel,

Look! A baker from Freestone! Yay!!! I have soo many stories involving that bakery and the things I've seen there! I hope you are having an educational, nourishing, soul-satisfying experience there.

And your paintings are beautiful, thank you for your link. My favourite cake batter to use with rhubarb is Cornmeal & Fresh Fruit Cake because it has enough body to withstand watery fruits, or jam/preserves/marmalade--- substances like this cpmplement this recipe well.

It's an honour to have you here, I hope you'll stop by again. ~ Shuna

not sure if you can check this facebook page or not - it's an eggbeater fan page - it has a link to your website on it - it says it's from Coney, friend or family?

Girl, do you have a way with words?! I was captivated!

any comment will feel feeble after that.
I want to print this post and pin it somewhere important.

This is an amazing post, and full of so many truths that I've just spent all afternoon forwarding it to people I love. Thank you.

This post moves me too. I want to put your link on my blog. I am a former baker of many years and cook, never dared called myself chef, ever, or let anyone else. Went thru a period of unemployment and revisited the cooking world mostly by reading. Food is comforting you know.

Very enjoyable,poetic and insightful.

Sad and enchanting. I hope you are ok....

The photos are very moving too.

You remind me of einstein, the true definition of an idiot is someone doing the same thing over and again expecting a different result. I'm sure I've massacred that quote, but you get the idea.

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