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27 May 2009


This is like going through parents emotional and I'm convinced that saying my two cents will not make a bit of difference, BUT I feel compelled to do so.

Bill is a smart business man, and he made choices to create a business that supported it's community (the customers, the farmers, AND the staff)...over the traditional chain alternative of low quality high priced produce and union employees.

HIS choices are what made Monterey Market the success it is today. I fear anyone else coming will to manage things will simply choose short term profit over long term viability.

I know that it may be too late in the game, and maybe Bill will move on to create another company, but I simply can't stand by silently.

Amazing how a produce market can mean so much to so many people.

How anyone asked Bill if it's time for him to retire? Maybe he wants this?

Where's the story?

I posted the article from the SF gate onto Serious Eats, so hopefully some Cali residents will see it.

I signed it, but I'm far from convinced this is an appropriate response to a family quarrel. I like MM and Bill, but have no real way of knowing what the internal family issues are - just someone's third-hand view of the events. It's notoriously difficult doing business with family and many family businesses end in bad blood for many reasons.

Still, I hope he changes his mind, as he's made the place very special to all of us.

hi and thanks, i just ordered the dvd! hope you are well over there!

I see that Samin's original blog with the petitions is now closed to readers unless they've been invited.

Now, I'm as much a foodie as the next former Berkeley resident (I don't live there anymore, but I still work there, and shop at MM frequently), but I don't see how this is appropriate.

It's a great market, but maybe Bill is going to open another? There are a lot of things that could happen. I was completely gobsmacked to learn about the feud and related hoohah on Friday. I shop there weekly, and I chat it up with with the gentlemen in produce, and with the ladies at the register, and I kind of wonder if the store is going to change appreciably once Bill is gone.

Maybe there's room for yet another market in town. Maybe Bill is done. Maybe someone should ask him?

Monterey Market is one of my favorite things about living in North Berkeley. It would be disastrous if it changes or goes downhill or closes. As a customer I will do all I can to make it clear the importance they hold in so many lives.

I am a loving customer of Monterey Market. I hope the restaurants and farmers do not hurt the market because it is near and dear to my heart. Bill just quit his job so please let the market continue as it has for 30 plus years.

In the last two weeks, the customers have showed their loyalty to the families and employees.

Please don't boycott the market to death.

Just be happy for Bill who can now spend more time with his family and his new mountains to climb.

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