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31 May 2009


I've only eaten the Scotch eggs here which were excellent - although better without the pile of salt on top as the crumb was already salty and the garlic potatoes which were delicious. I must go back for the full experience. I have to say though, I regularly travel across London with the aim of visiting particular shops/restaurants/whatevers! Hardly surprising for a food obsessive I guess.

Thank you, I know where I'll be asking to go for a birthday treat next month.

Thanks for this post Shuna. I'll be in London in October so will try to get a reservation. Can you tell me what the different components are in the rhubarb parfait - gellee, sorbet, poached rhubarb? It all looks good.
Num num...

Thank you for the tip Shuna - long time no see - I will certainly give it a try next time (who knows when) I am in London - since if it compares to the Hope and Anchor it'll be fab. Will pass to my mum and sister as well since they live nearby...

I just found your blog and it's amazing! My friends and I ate at SENS in SF a while back. We peeked into your pastry kitchen and you were very gracious to give us a tour. Best of luck in London!

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