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02 June 2009


Oh!! these are tamarillos!! They taste a bit... like passion fruit!!
I like them a lot!!

Looks like a persimmon from what I can see and it should be sweet tasting with a bit of a crunchy texture. It's a fruit.

you look like a cross between a cherry tomato and a cactus flower. i don't know what you taste like, but i think i love you.

I don't know, but I am intrigued. Can I buy one in Idaho?

maracuia aka passion fruit. Most large supermarkets in big cities sell them, so it is not so mysterious. The taste is tart and delicious.

Looks like a tamarillo to me, it's sweet and tart (like a cherry tomato crossed with a peach if you can picture that). Tasty though!

This is a tamarillo; in fact, i use it paired with lime in a multicomponent dessert in my forthcoming book, The Dessert Architect, in which there is a profile of you, as you know.

Look forward to sending you a copy of the book when it is released end of this month.
Robert Wemischner

oooh, I know, I know!! but won't say anything but to say it tastes like a cross between a passion fruit and a sweet 100 tomato when poached. :) can only be eaten raw if REALLY ripe.


Looks like a kind of hybrid between a papaya and something in the plum family. just a guess.

Tamarillo, or tree tomato: I've found them to be similar to sweet tomatoes and a fun addition to my usual veggies and fruits.

Is it a Tamarillo (or a Tree Tomato)?

Looks like a tamarillo - slightly acidic, fruity, but not too sweet. Rather like tomato or papaya in flavor.

That's a loganberry, isn't it?

Just taking a stab.

It's a tamarillo. Or tree tomato.
It's sweet-tart. Kind of like a kiwi/passion fruit.

honey it's one thing i know it's not and that's a pickle in my pants!!

Wow! I've had these a lot in Ecuador. We call them 'tomate de arbol' or tree tomato. We puree with a bit of water and sugar and make a juice (no seeds). Or we boil in simple syrup until the skin splits and we eat - good with a bit of farmers cheese too.

In Malaysia, they're called 'Buah Cinta' which means Passion fruit. I guess it's from the same family. They grow in abundance at Cameron Highlands and have a really sour, tangy taste. I eat them with sugar.

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