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30 June 2009


Lovely photos! I adore Scotland. I visited that Island myself almost 15 years ago and it's still one of my favourite side trips.

Oh, my.

Wow, how beautiful and impossibly romantic!

beautifully captured in words and pictures.

can't fool is no picnic =)


STUNNING! I am a woman for the sea...

Sublime. Wish I were there.

Wow, the light in the top picture is aMAZing!

Dang, that doesn't look anything like Richmond. I wonder if anyone would mind if I dug a hole there and cooked in it?


Shuna, you're my favorite blog. Beautiful writing, beautiful pictures. You're a true artist.

lovely post - makes me homesick!

I knew these photos were Scotland before I read it... made me feel so homesick... So beautiful - Glad you got good weather!

I've actually had a picnic over at the isle of Skye, and I must say, the view over there is breathtaking. The pristine beach and the pristine waters make it a picnic setting like no other! Perfection.

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