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05 June 2009


what was in that builder's tea? =) great pic!

Totally. Hawt.

Ha ha ha! CUTE as a button!


You look both happy and balanced.

Very cute, but I'm left wondering if you're having a bit of an identity crisis.

Cali. Excuse me?! As a reminder, there's a human being on the other end of the screen you are typing your comment into. Please consider using manners the next time you do leave a comment. Thank you, The Management.

Yay! It's not winter any more!

You got your baker's prying spatula tucked in yer drawers?


Cute! (but not girly)

I'm very sorry. I meant no offense. I merely found it slightly confusing as you usually refer to yourself as a "fella," or a "gentleman." Rest assured this will be the last time you suffer a comment from me.

Well, well, well. Ain't she somethin'! :-) (Transformation is beautiful.)

you look fantastic!

Look Shuna has legs! Very cute.

You are adorable, Shuna!! Love you in the dress, but where's the baby offset spatula?

Hell to the yes!!!!! :-)

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