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27 June 2009


Didn't you just publish your great love's pictures? What happened, Shuna? Please keep us in the loop. After all, we were privy to falling in love, bedroom photographs. And then??? Souffle deflated? Please do not leave us hanging.

Shuna! u gonna rock with every thing new around u. as always am waiting to get inspired by your fascinating ideas & am sure you'll share it here!!

Hareesh!! amazing to hear from you sous! I hear you're 'off the hook' as well! so so nice to get a comment from you! I expect to see you here before July is out. You tell your beautiful wife and baby to make a plan! xoxoxox shuna

I beg to differ a little although I don't exactly have my finger on the pulse, but I remember fondly eating cherries from my grandmas tree, all kinds of berries from their fruit cage, plums and apples and pears. My grandmas summer pudding was really special, and its so surprising to me that nasty white bread can be transformed into the most amazing simple, cheap summer pudding (I think this would be a fantastic addition to your menu with a shuna twist).

Best fruit thing is rhubarb crumble with custard. mmmm

In other news I've finally scored an unpaid work experience at a local bakery and I'm doing my best not to gag at the imitation butter and I've been told that pastry pride will 'change my life' which I'm pretty sure it will only change my life in terms of trying to avoid it.

Jenny, this is not about how there's no fruit in England, it's about how restaurants & pastry chefs might find it difficult to work primarily with it. Summer pudding sounds lovely although I'm certain I will never look to 'nasty white bread' to be a component.

It's unfortunate to me that a land so rich in incredible grain has taken so well to commercially produced bread.

I want to say congratulations on your new position but it is hard to know what terrible ingredients you will be learning in lieu of really learning. But best of luck! I have taken many strange jobs and turned them into learning experiences. ~ Shuna

Man that must be difficult coming from San Francisco-heart of amazing fresh fruit. Right now here in British Columbia we are enjoying all the early summer berries and rhubarb and looking forward to apricots, nectarines and peaches. I love to make apricot pit icecream and serve it with baked nectarines and cherries with a dryish almond Italian kind of almond cake. All of the juices from the fruit and the oozing gooeyness from the icecream balance out the dryness of the cake.Yum Yum

what is in that box labeled mancha? i keep thinking that maybe its in Spanish [meaning stain] but that doesn't make any sense really.

Good Eye Angela! You know, that's a misspelling for MATCHA, aka green tea powder. I finally re-labeled it yesterday because it was making me crazy. Thanks for noticing too. ~Shuna

Hi there. Agree entirely with you on your thoughts... And it's really hard to work with fruits in London. Where do you work by the way, I might say a visit. cheers

Hello Joao, right this very minute I am not working anywhere, but as soon as I am, I'll let everyone know... shuna

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