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14 July 2009


Best name: melanzane parmigiana. Things just sound better in Italian. (Though I probably spelt it wrong).

Did the lady find her 'yellow cake with chocolate icing'? The world is very small. I bet that that request is connected to Deb's post today about...yellow cake with chocolate icing. Which I had already bookmarked for next time I need a cake recipe. I feel a little like spy tracking my way through people's blogs and finding the connections. It's great fun. :-).

And I love eggplant parmesan. And *I* want it now, too. But my fridge at home has courgette curry and felafel in it, and my freezer has chicken stew and the wherewithal for pork stew in it. BUT I have an aubergine plant, so later in the summer, *IF* I get any fruit, this will be how I celebrate. Thank you!

P.S. AND it's not lunchtime for a whole nother hour. *sigh*


Thank you so much Shuna! The Aubergine and I have a hot date tonight!

Last year I saw those white "egg" eggplants at the Oakland Farmer's Market. Wild! There are so many different kinds of eggplants - including the little bitter "pea" eggplants that look like a bunch of grapes, green globe Thai eggplants, long skinny Asian eggplants in many varieties and colors, small purple Indian "brinjals," great globe eggplants, etc etc.

This looks great - thanks!

Sounds like we do it in a very similar way. I really like the eggplant fried with breadcrumbs like you do, not naked. I do a much quicker tomato sauce though, but to each their own! If anyone wants a more formally written out recipe, here's my version.

You don't dredge eggplant in flour before dipping in egg? Otherwise your 'recipe' is the same as mine and I must make it tonight.

well... there really isn't much of a recipe for cooking really... even friends who ask me for a recipe for some stew or pasta sauce... it's always vague and sometimes, they are not too happy with that. i tell them, i never measure... it depends on what you have... hehe at the bottom of such recipes i always remind them that the amounts are approximate and depends a lot of personal taste.

I love eggplant!

Another favorite is Moussaka! altho i usually make them with beef or even pork, since lamb is not very common here.

OOOh, I have had eggplant cooked by YOU at your casa, and it has been hands down the most uncutous, perfect thing ever...I can't even fathom a sauce to go over it........
magic. pure magic.
I'll be over soon. :-)

Eggplant Parmesan is such an American dish that it even sounds American, how well is it received in London?

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