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08 July 2009


all of it really just wants to make pack up and move to a remote spanish town

as they say... the food industry is relatively small...

you lost me somewhere since i'm not familiar with many of the places and people there, but i get the gist. a mall giant here does similar monkeying around... rather sad, i know.

i hate it when big companies eat up smaller ones, then foul up everything.

thats a lot of research and work (reading all the links) :)
and its my turn :D
he is there for last 3years and she came in like a tornado just for few months leaving a lots of memories..
hes who baking and thinking loads of things where she writes everything like piece of cake.
oops i dont've any external links to support the HE and the SHE.
But many of us know the answer :D

Hareesh, you are gorgeous and i love you. i miss you all the time too. will come back for a visit soon. xo shuna

deliciously incestuous!

Very Peyton I dating myself? Oh I am sure I am!

It all seems very it. Work your fine talents into a book...about this...fiction of course ;)

Tamasin Day-Lewis is fabulous. Her book West of Ireland Summers is simply a dream.

Do you think Dan Lepard could make clotted cream strawberry shortcake for ME?

I always hope you are happy. Looks like you made a good friend; that's something special.

This is where you would turn to me and grin and hold your fingers together tightly and say "the world is this big"...
And it's so true....

When I read this I imagined you driving a convertible speaking into a handheld microphone pink feather boa wrapped around your neck flapping behind you. Excellent reporting on the move! XO becky fresh

I have to say that this post explains a lot of what's going on in the food world there and here. It's amazing how someone can start a good thing and it morphs into something else when business people get involved with a food business.

But it also explains a lot of what happened in your world in the last few months and why you took on a baker manager role at this Big Bakeshop which was founded by Her - she is famous all over the world for her great stuff. Keep baking your good stuff.

Just to correct one point, 'The One and Only' Dan Lepard has not worked for or with 'She' for a decade now. Personally, I'm not sure how much of Baker & Spice's success was down to 'her', and I think it's fair to note that the trading name and outlets were bought by the Patisserie Valerie people after the previous owners had run them into 'administration', the new polite term for having the bankruptcy liquidators in.

i am sooooo confused

I found your food blog going through a few links. Glad I ran into it. Didn’t know that the food blog/recipe community was so big online. I love your posts!

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