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03 July 2009


I had no idea the Bleinheims were so scarce these days. Our next door neighbor had a couple of Bleinheim trees that are dropping apricots like mad right now, didn't realize how lucky we are! They really are outrageously good.

So many fond memories of fresh apricots. When I was growing up my grandparents had a house right in the middle of a large apricot orchard in the Santa Clara Valley. Sadly, now its all gone.

those look soooooooooo lovely... save for mangoes... we don't have local stone fruits here... and i love them so much!

I live in LA where the season for Blenheims is pretty much past -- i just finished preserving them, but it sounds like they're still coming in further north.

Thank you so much for letting me know! I'm so glad they're @ the SC farmer's market.

I live in Oak Park, CA , next to Thousand Oaks. I have not found any good apricots in the stores this season and both my trees had a yield of maybe 20 pieces each. Will you ship fresh apricots to me? I want about 40-50 pounds. I want them fresh and sweet.
If this is possible, please tell me the cost including shipping.

NOOOOO!!!! I hope that they never go extinct. I grew up with them, too. Every summer my grandma, mom, and I would make apricot jam. I just revived the tradition this summer: I got my apricots from Peter Wolfe ranch in Brentwood:

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