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02 September 2009


The Apricots look like Beetroot wedges. I love food combos with fruit and savoury - duck and orange, chicken and physallis, fish and kumquats...

Hello KB, beetroot slices garnished the tart. The tart was puff pastry spread with onion jam and overlaid with apricots. It was then baked and slices of duck breast were served on top of it. Perfect main course for a pastry chef! Thanks for visiting & commenting-- your own blog is quite extensive. ~ Shuna

I totally agree Stephen Williams is a top bananna - the Bakewell Tart the kitchen produces is even better than Anchor & Hope !

ooh, I'd forgotten about the Harwood. It is absolutely DELICIOUS - I had the most wonderful pigeon breast there last Winter. Thanks for reminding me to go back!


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