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02 September 2009


I love your writing. Your passion is always overflowing off of my computer screen. It's contagious.

How pretty! I dont think I've had greengages since my grandma grew them. Shame about the veggies/fruit in the shops. My friends in crouch end are really lucky that the grocers at the clock tower is pretty good.

are greengage plums the same as june plums or soursops?

Hello gmd, I don't know what June plums are but soursops are not plums. Oftentimes fruit will go by a number of different names because the people who name fruit have little control over those who grow and/or sell it. ~ Shuna

actually local fruit shops in crouch end and nearby green lanes(hornsey) are pretty good
alexanders palace farmers market on a sunday is awesome also

I love Jane Grigson. I have both her Fruit and Vegetable book, and sometimes I just read them like they are novels. So wonderful... zebra tomatoes are one of my favourites. Such a bright green makes such a statement when combined with yellow and red.

LOL! Party Tomatoes!!!
All fruits and veg in YOUR hands were Parties About to Happen...that's for sure.

I grew some this summer, alas...the garden has petered out...still my faithful okra persists. :-)

I have been thinking of you heavily today (9/11) and that strange day(s) we spent at the Cake while the world shut down slowly. You could not reach any family in NY b/c the phones were down.
It's a hot topic today in the South.
I have been very absent & will be writing to you soon. Much has happened!
But me lovin you? Never stops! ;-)

SHUNA! Hey girl. I've been in a mad love affair with these greengages all month...for plum syrup, plum galettes, plum upside down cake, homemade plum vinegar, plum glaze for chicken...grilled plum salad... can't wait to see what you do with them.
hope London is rockin your world! :)

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