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02 September 2009


i've yet to learn to appreciate blue cheese... glad to see you back!

I remember this cheese. It was one of the few I would have been willing to smuggle home. We used to be able to get some Neal's Yard cheeses at my local grocer until the exchange rate and other issues about raw milk interrupted the flow. Now they're only fond memories. As some of the other commenters have said, I don't read your blog only for the food info, but for all the rest you bring to it. I've commented on other blogger sites where the person posting wanted to quit, I think for reasons similar to your's and all I can say is, do it for you and we'll be here no matter how frequently or infrequently you post.

Love the blue stinkies!!!!
Bring it!
Love it with a hearty nut a toasted whole wheat walnut.

Here in Bama, people go ga-ga for the Maytag blue. I'm just not a fan. It's so mild. It doesn't do a whole lot for me.
It's like a total selling point on a menu. I'd rather curl up with a really lovely French number.

(In face, I love the blue almost as much as I love the pic of you (with DB) with that sly look in your eye and the sassy barette)

Hope you are enjoying a familiar face and lots of good eats.

shuna u are a favourite of mine . i love reading what u r eating/thinking and i love your vast experience. and i love blue cheese.xx

You're really becoming a Brit! You wrote "favourite!" :-)

An aside: I thought of you while at my first blogging conference this weekend. It was the BlogHer Food Blogging Conf. in San Francisco. I don't blog yet, but may do so soon. They were talking about choosing/finding a voice or writing style. I like yours, but of course, it's not 'me' so I can't use it. Your approach is kind, personal, open...I like it better than the less personal ones, although they still have their good points. Don't know what approach I'll take yet. Guess it'll fall into place eventually.

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