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04 October 2009


DUDE. lol It's so good to see you back. Love the way you throw yourself headlong into the things that make you bristle, make you wonder, and make you challenge yourself. And us. Have missed that fiery spirit around here!

Hope all is really, truly well with you, your Spirit. =) Missed ya.


devon! it's nice to be back! xo shuna the shark

Shuna, have you been to Brittany? If not you should...salty caramel in all forms is the standard there. It is so delicious that after a few days there I feel like it's coursing through my veins. We seriously gave up (for now) on the idea of moving to Brittany because with the unstoppable more-ishness of the caramel and the BUTTER, I knew I was going to balloon up like Norbert if I stayed.

YES!! Shuna is BACK!! Oh, you make we want to go out and pick a fight with the people who won't try anything new. Like Devon, I'm rejoicing to see you in fiery mode again. Inspiring. You make me want to be strong. And to try making Chocolate Caramel Slice.

Loved/laughed/almost cried/ this post....
Nail on the head as per your usual.
I can't believe you used a can of sweetened condensed milk!!!

This from the jaggery QUEEN!

But, as one who flinched to make butterscotch pudding with those AWFUL insipid fake chips, sometimes you have to do what you have cliche as it sounds.

Does this mean you still have to make the chocolate molten cake???
I'm so curious as to how you will own that.

Boo ya to this post! I sense strength... and I LIKE IT!

Ahhhh such a good batch of questions, and perfectly in tandem with things I am asking/ demanding of myself these days.

I like the bossiness, and the fuck-you and fuck-your-dry-dessert and fuck-my-own-tendency-to-dig-my-heels-in tone.

Thanks for this one!

I think a chocolate caramel slice can totally stand in for all those questions. I do love a good piece of millionaire's shortbread but I've never seen this. And I do love how you tell people to fuck off if this doesn't fit between their blinders.

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