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17 October 2009


Hi there,

Following you on twitter after a friend recommended your blog (Terri, an Aussie chocolatier). It's a shame you missed my hot chocolate demonstration and workshop at La Fromagerie today, we tasted Aztec inspired hot chocolate, cioccolato caldo and hot chocolate blocks from Notting Hill chocolate shop, Melt. If you go into store to Melt they do amazing hot chocolate shots to take away, another great place for hot chocolate is nearby on Portobello Road, Garcia's Deli.

Though it seems we track the same ground, I also go to S&B though I missed the one at Leon. It would be good to meet up and do something together maybe re: chocolate? You have a great blog btw, just trying to get mine up and running though chocolate week has taken over this week.

Best wishes, Louise

Sadly, I am so very far away (Central Coast of California) and to top it all off...I am sitting in a heat wave with the doors wide open and a fan on full speed.

But that hot chocolate looks like heaven...

Theobroma Cacao by Turnham green makes yummy ones, with various flavours. My fav is the chilli one :)

oh and Carluccio's cioccolata Fiorentina!

Have you considered becoming a travel writer? This post has me itching to hop on a plane just to check out the chocolate. Wish I had this list last time I visited!

I do recall my kids had a good hot chocolate at a tea spot near Bayswater, but I cannot come up with the name at the moment. Fortunately, you have given us 3 more to seek out...

i didn't have any hot chocolate in london, but recently, i was staying in Stratford-on-Avon and there was a cafe Leoni-- the hot chocolate was to die for!

and what an excellent question! where is all the lovely cream and milk and dairy products that england is so rightly famous for!? not in any of the restaurants or cafes we were in while driving the cotswolds, that's for certain. we had to resort to buying "single cream" at sainsbury's for our tea at night!

I urge you to try the spanish hot chocolate at Brindisa by Borough Market. Lovely for breakfast with a croissant before some market shopping! Be sure to drink it quick though, it is so thick that it starts going a bit solid quite quickly :)

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