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22 October 2009


I know you are a pastry chef...but damn you are a poet!

I love crushes... always have.

They love you I am sure!

and you with the silver tongue and beautiful being always strong but a little bit fragile or maybe a lot fragile but not always showing it, have a crush on you

Again, you leave me breathless as you eloquently open up your heart to us.

And you're coming to NYC! Yay.

I anxiously await hearing what's next for you.

Nice one. My blog posts are like love notes to people and places--even the ones I kinda sometimes think I might hate. Your catalogue of crushes--generous and long, sweet and sour, cutely serious, curiously complete.

This is as beautiful as anything you've ever written. Thank you.

wow! that's whole lotta crushes.

I mean.. that's A whole lotta crushes.

I had to read it twice, a day apart; I almost drowned in the middle. The first time, taking it too fast I got swept under, but the second time was a lovely float down the Russian River on a summer day. "since before i could look back at the person in the mirror" *swoon*

How wonderful, how loving - you're in a good place. Thank you for sharing the gift of your "crush-ability" - it's contagious!

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