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04 November 2009


pumpkin, my fave! looks fab.

OMG...just the listed ingredients have me smiling. I love the 'wild abandon'(pardon me) of regular ingredients . Amchur sugar has me perplexed, and brown butter has me dancing.It's my new fave baking ingredient...

recipe please! x

Hello MsMarmiteLover, I have to be honest in saying there is no one recipe for a Plated Dessert. Plated Desserts tend to be more about method, and many individual components fitting together like a puzzle. All that said, if you want to know how to make a few of these components, check out how to make my best version of American Pumpkin Pie, and my goat yogurt granita. I believe you may be able to find Kataif on the Edgeware Road... thanks for reading! ~ shuna

My kind of dessert.

again this sounds like a special autumn treat. I wish I were just half as talended as you are. x

Great combination, it says late fall on the plate....kudos

Amazing!!! What a treat.

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