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19 November 2009


We were just there (with Sean and DPaul, Sean's mom, and our friend Hugh) on Sunday afternoon -- and we all wondered if they were doing OK. There were two other tables seated when we arrived, and none when we left. The menu was surprisingly sparse, and a lot of things were sold out. There was just one dessert option: Panna cotta.

Even when we ate there a year ago, at the height of their buzz, the room was half empty on a Saturday night. The food was a little hit and miss on our visit, but we figured it was growing pains.

I am glad we got to eat there twice; it's a cozy space and they were sourcing some lovely ingredients. It's always sad to see the end of something that's so clearly a labor of love.

Aw, man this makes me a bit sad. One of the best restaurants in Sonoma, and the one I felt the most kinship with. Best of luck to them in future endeavors!

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