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09 December 2009


Lovely NYC photos and mouthwatering desserts!! Eggbeater, you are the best!!!

It reads so beautifully tasty. Kalamansi! The fact that an American would work with it AND spell it with a 'k' is impressive. My family would get a kick out of that =)

noooo you left London. I knew that actually I just hadn't checked in for a while (probably because I knew)
NY looks wonderful and your poem is magic but
nooo you left London.....who will remind me where to get hot chocolate or tell me to go to the Harwood arms (I did during a recent trip back because of you)or talk about Rochelle canteen.

The poem is wonderful

breathtakingly evocative dessert poem... conjures a thousand images and tastes and smells. Brilliant!



Such an erotic food repartee! I think I’ll print this out for my wife for some late-night “reading allowed!” Rrrahar!

No, serious - It's glorious!! (To continue with the "Gs"

...Hope you feel better!

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