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04 January 2010


Seriously, Shuna, you never cease to amaze me. I'm so happy to know that you are back in the states at a restaurant that is within walking distance of my sister's apartment. Next time I'm in NYC, I'll definetley be stopping in. Happy New Year.

Wowser - that's a beauty.

Wow, how complex and interesting!

My favorite lemon dessert is the pierre herme lemon tart. I'm very simple in my tastes, I guess and I have trouble with savory elements in desserts.

I wanted to taste it as soon as I finished reading your article!

Yummmmm! My mouth is watering!

OoOoOOoOo, citrus! I think I'm going to shave me a lemon and stick the zested strips up my nose. I'm a citrus fueled meat monster! ROWR !!!

How's yer back doing today?

xo, Biggles

Biggles!! You make me feel all warm inside when you comment. My back really sucks. it's too bad we need a spine or else I might have asked you to come east & butcher it out. I know you're knives are the sharpest... xoxox shuna

Shuna, this made me smile so much. Citrus: I'm Persian you know, it's in the DNA. I would have been one of the customers getting this instead of chocolate on NYE. The only ones I don't really like are Meyer lemons because they're not tart/sour enough for me. I need the tartness, bring it.

I sometimes eat fresh lemons so I'm the right person for this dessert for sure. It looks fabulous. My favorite lemon bar recipe is the kind that makes some people squinch up their faces upon eating it. What good is citrus at all if it doesn't "attack the ear drums?"

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