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22 February 2010


I'm glad to hear you have a new home! Sad we won't see you in London, but I think NYC is a little more manageable anyway. :)

I just read Anita's tweet and I could not agree more. You do sound so positively grounded and happy!
Hope I get to come to NYC soon to taste your creations.

Anita is right, you sound grounded, like you've found a kitchen that suits. If this is true, then I'm exceedingly happy for you. Wish the kitchen in question was a bit closer, but happy nonetheless.


Hm...urge you to look at that last photo and rethink the plate...

um... hello Katherine... sorry, what? excuse me? would you like to elaborate? ~ Shuna

Shuna, oh goddess of dessert, have you ever made a miso butterscotch pudding? I want to go there but am shy...

hello Laura, Miso-butterscotch? zow, sounds good! No, have never tried it. You? And what's this about too shy to go to a restaurant? silly goose. anyways I'm hidden in the kitchen so I would never know if you came in or didn't anyways... ~ Shuna

Shuna - I can taste the pistachio cake on that plate! So fun to read your note about it since I was just there!

DUDE! I live on Carmine St! I just moved out here in november, and work at Gilt in midtown... how weird! I still haven't gone to 10 Downing, even though it's a block away... I have a reason to now!

No! Not too shy to come to the restaurant (I'll definitely get there soon--hopefully the dulce de leche/cumin pecan dessert will still be there), too shy to try the miso butterscotch without your guidance. But I guess I'll jump in and let you know how it goes.

oh shuna, i am so sad that i didnt get to come to try one of your gorgeous puddings this time when i was in NY- hopefully i'll be back there again- this time w my husband and would love to meet you there, too. x shayma

Thrilled to have met you at 10 Downing. Food was delicious, and desserts were sensational. I'll send my NYC daughters back for more.

The buckwheat-banana-walnut-coffee-candied ginger muffin sounded so good that I had to try my own version, "Cake - a quest for an everyday muffin."

Thanks for the inspiration!

OHHHHHH! My very first gynocologist in NYC used to be in that building. I say "used to be" because she was pretty old when I knew her, and I cannot imagine that she is around still. But she was a wonderful, caring doctor, and I loved knowing she was located at that so-famous address. (Even though it was not the "real" one.) I am far away from that place now, but I will be sure to come and visit the next time I am in town.

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