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31 March 2010


Shuna--this is stellar advice. And not just for the restaurant industry--great advice for all industries across the board. I asked someone who was leaving a company on good terms (a company where it was NOTORIOUSLY difficult to leave on good terms because the management took each resignation personally) for advice on how to leave on a good note. He said to me, "Always leave for a better opportunity. And work harder your last two weeks than you did your first two weeks."

Shuna, this is one of the best pieces written about the art of working that I've ever read. It's not just for people working at restaurants. This is for practically any organization.

Thank you.

i felt like u just wrote this for me...:)what a timing...such honest n powerful words as always...Thanks Shuna!

My friend Sharon is an ex-pastry chef, who now lives in Rochester. She comes to NYC for a week once a month. I have been waiting for her to go to 10 Downing Street because I know she will appreciate it. This month her trip was messed up, but we will surely make it in April.

I wil be honored to eat where you work. If your dessert moves me as much as your writing does, I will be more than well-fed; I will be transported.

You are a rare one. As Michael Ruhlman said, The Amazing Eggbeater.

Excellent advice Shuna, especially in this day and age of high speed technology, trunkated conversations, and rampant irresponsibility. I am forwarding this link to my two kids in college. I know it will make an impression!

WOW--good advice for any profession.

Having done just that 4 days ago-gave notice- on a job where I was a key person for 12 years. I know how important your advice is.

It almost doesn't matter how you feel about the job, it always will matter how you leave it.

Well said. I have seen a number of cases of people "burning their bridges while still standing on them" in industries that are less networked than professional kitchens. Always leave with dignity and grace, regardless of how you think you were treated while there. The best recent example of this is Conan O'brian. Even though he got shabby treatment from NBC on the tonight show, he left gracefully and will benefit from his poise when he appears on another network.

seems like every time im here i read something that appears to have been written just for me ...

thank you again ! ( people remember that shit ! )

Thanks for this post, Shuna! I'm certainly not a chef, but I feel that your tips are relevant for all careers.

"you never know all you've learned
until you leave.
until that job has become a dot in your rearview mirror."

This quote really got me (I mean choked up got me). It's true whether you leave by choice or because business slowed down and they couldn't a pastry assistant any longer. I walked out very angry, hurt, and resentful, but now very grateful for all the knowledge that was passed on to me without my knowing it. Thanks for your post. I wish you continued success.

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