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26 March 2010


This is so beautiful and a wonderful first thing to read in the morning.

I'm so glad you're back in NYC.

I just hope you fell like you're home.

I like your semicolon to summer. Thanks for sharing!

Sigh, cry, laugh out loud. Thank you, Shuna, for the visceral visuals.

Shuna,til the other day I was unaware that you have this gift as well. Inherited I'm sure from both your parents,but the ability to minimalize words yet say so much,and with such color and impact (plus that subtle wry humor)is your Mom. I cherish these qualities every time I re-read Take The Long Way Home,and it's lovely to encounter them in your writing. Best wishes,Brian V.

I enjoyed these. "postcard poems."...intriguing title. Is this something you do each time you travel, or do you always write poems on postcards? I'm curious. Thank you for sharing your poems.

hello Denise, I love writing postcards & have been known to write many postcards which form a poem. But these are texts I send to a few people I love and I thought I would share them with the rest of you. They mark my journey here thus far. thanks for reading & being curious. ~ shuna

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