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03 March 2010


congrats for the feature and fabulous press! i'll be in nyc later this month, sure hope to get to 10 downing (and just for dessert)! :)

Kerrin, Thank you. But... If you come in just for dessert, you will miss some truly beautiful, extraordinary savory food! My food follows my chef's food... ~ Shuna

I read this yesterday and got SOOOOO happy and excited for you!!! I will def. make my way out for dessert! Thank you so much for brunch! It was delicious --- my partner especially LOVED the pot pie... we will def. be in for dinner soon!!

Wow! Congrats! Will come taste your work / labor of love next time I'm in NYC, now that you work closer to where I live. (Just hoping that you stay in NYC for a year or two...)

Excellent reply Shuna, good point indeed ! :) Ok then, savory + sweet it is...

congrats. im coming in monday. after a 7 day week from HELL. I saw Greg Kuzia today and he gave me a bottle of liquor from the basque country. Also, totally didnt realize Johnathan was the chef there... we worked for the same 'plumpjack group' in sf.... me at the cafe and he at falstaff... small world! Im totally comin in to break down some animals on my day off.

Thanks for the Tasting Table tip. What a lovely write-up, congratulations!

P.S. I miss you, and your recent posts make me miss NYC too. Someday I will get back there for at least a visit.

Shuna !!! Congratulations on the FaNtAsTiC write up in the Tasting Table. Well deserved as always. We are so lucky to have you back in the USA! I just hope that on your next move you head south down the Jersey turnpike just a tad to Ummmm let's say Philadelphia =) Keep up the great work Shuna!, Andy

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