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13 April 2010


oh hell, another place I won't get to taste your delicious treats.


Seriously, Shuna -- congratulations. We'll be out your way at the end of summer. We're looking forward to hearing all about where you land.

Good luck with your new job Shuna I hope that you find much success with your new challenge

Wow, congratulations. How scary and thrilling and exciting! Can't wait to see the new door open.

Good luck for the future. You lead an amazing life. Thank you for sharing your experience. A touching and evocative post.

I am really glad for this new challenge, but very sorry I didn't have a chance to try your brunch! I am arriving in NYC onthe 23rd April... Let us know where you are heading next!! All the best, Flavia

Very best of luck to you!

Well first of all, congratulations!! How very exciting for you. Now may I say my "ugh!!"? I was planning to finally try 10 downing during my June visit, much because of you :( oh well -- see you at your next adventure, I hope!

Wishing you well! Wishing you all the best! I love watching your life unfold from so very far away and still very close. Friend in the blogosphere are as real as any I know in my everyday living life. I am cheering you on Sister!

Best of luck with your future new "baby"! Looking forward to come and taste your work next time I'm in NYC.

Dear SFL,

I once attended a graduation ceremony where Judith Jamison gave this advice to the graduating seniors.


I have never known anyone that applies to more than you. You are one determined eggbeater.

I'm hoping I won't have to hop a plane to go to your restaurant. But if I do, so be it.

I am sending my New Yorker friends to sample your pastry basket on my behalf!!!

O!O!O! I have scheduled a trip to n.y.c for May just so I could meet you and you! (eh, that is your food!!!). Seriously, I keepkosher and can't actually eat at 10 downing, but was going to fly in just for a drink at your place!!! Awww. Sad for me, but *thrilled*for you! Congrats eggbeater! {xo}

Me!!! I want to have dinner at 10 Downing with you!

Wishing you the very best of luck! Hoping I will some day get a chance to eat your beautiful desserts, wherever that may be :)

Well, shoot. I'd planned a day trip to NY in May to see some art and check out 10 Downing in person. So much for that. Can't wait to hear about your new project. If it's in the North East, I'll have to find you there.(Come to Philly!)

Hope you will still be in NYC!

Shuna - I've been intending to send you my resume at the week's end to beg you to have me stage at 10 Downing. I'm really excited for you and your new opportunity (don't get me wrong), but saddened that I waited this long to get in touch with you. Good luck with the opening of your new place, I hope that perhaps we might meet someday soon.

Where is the next???

I love your straightforward and creative writing on food and life in the kitchen and out. Good luck with your new adventure and please take us along for the ride on your blog!

Shuna - Thank you for your magnificent work and spirit at 10 Downing. You are truly a star. Dan McClure

Shuna, I just called 10 downing to try and find you. My friend and I came in last month and loved your Butterscotch Pot de creme. It was amazing and I have been hoping to get in touch with you - dropped you an email at gmail. Is there a good way to reach you? Looking forward to hearing where you will be next.

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