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31 August 2010


Perseverance, because it never works out quite right the first time.




smiles :D

dogged determination

I imagine it needs stamina and, in a perfect world, enough sleep.

I've never opened a restaurant but have worked for small businesses and the one thing I often see lacking is - Belief in your product/business. Don't sell yourself short.

An understanding of what the customers want?

Good luck! Cant wait to see your new work!

That spark, that hunger, impregnable actions. You know that Mike Tyson ruthlessness, invincible type shit. Yes?

Ummmm... Making sure you don't go off path, as in - don't dilute your original idea too much?

patience always.

Strength to follow your gut in the face of argument
Willingness to try something new a little bit ar a time
Ability to see with your mouth and taste with your eyes

emotional stability, understanding spouse, realistic expectations, ability to weigh emotional decision against business decision, strong vendor relationship, vision, ability to inspire others...

ability to multitask

physical and mental energy

Thick skin

sense of humor - (biggie)

a touch of insanity

vision and focus.

Coffee! And at the end of some days, whiskey.

What else?, you ask?

Sharing its name, so that we all know what it's called and can find it and dine at it and rub our bellies happily afterward!

: )

Amanda, Just a lit bit of Googling and I'm sure you'll be able to find it... ~ shuna

learn to be in the moment,
enjoy the process,
make lists!

Can't wait to see the new place.

A sense of humor, vision, and a killer menu:)

malleability and ego deflating aka humility

Badass, by far my two favorite and often most under looked requirements in any job, but especially important in the insanity that is the restaurant business.

Cajones, man...big ones.

Sense of humor should be number one. Otherwise, what's the point?

A damn good accountant

A steadfast desire to work 120 hours a week, only to realize 150 would have been better.

What I learned in the restaurant business? Teamwork, organization, speed, humility, creativity. Good Luck!

Your right on the money with these suggestions. A big thumbs up from this little Aussie Chef :)

All of the above, but above all, to open a restaurant, as with anything, you need to plan plan plan - project management is absolutely key

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