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22 September 2010


Cooking is a craft just like acting, or painting and the basics of a craft must be taught so that the chef or the actor or the painter or writer can then inflict their own creativity. That is what I have always known to be true. Which is why there are schools specializing in these Arts.

So why does Anthony Bourdain disagree with learning the basics of the craft of cooking?

Why is 'restaurant' cooking the be all and the end all of the craft of cooking and why should it be considered a 'lower' level in the snobbery of 'chef-dom?' to consider hotel cooking or country clubs like joining the mafia. Isn't this a kind of snobbery at its worst from a man who knows the school of hard knocks and was lucky to survive and thrive because of it?

I should have asked this question to Ruhlman. But I draw the line at two comments and I used mine up.

yet another amazing post.. :)

Good to hear you... deep, lovely. !!HAPPY FALL!!

Dear Shuna,

I love that home is who you are, not what you do because being a chef is not what you do, it's who you are.

That means you carry your home with you wherever you are - whether it's your treehouse or London or NYC.

I'm not a chef, but I love to cook, and it is always my desire to nurture - even if I'm cooking for myself.

And I too thank you, most sincerely, for writing eggbeater.

Beautifully said. I am happy to have stumbled upon your post a few days ago. I have spend hours in your archives and plan to try a recipe this weekend.

Thank you for sharing and letting all of us inside.

I've also stumbled upon your site and have also spent ages trawling through your archives. Wonderful site Chef, honoured to meet you, I've subscribed so I'll be back for sure. Your passion & commitment shine through. Awesome.

Thanks for writing this. I love this field because you are always learning something (if you are curious).

Out of the restaurant now and teaching - I learn more from teaching.

We worked together breifly at Bouchon many years ago. Your poetic ruminations of this business we call home are so inspiring. I thank you. Your words are only bested by your desserts...and yes I was guilty of eating a few creme caramels late night at Bouchon...and pot de cremes ... and lemon tart ... and tatin...and peaches too.
- Derek

Yes, thank you again for refusing to compromise. I had a fun trip back home with some really disappointing food and I realize that I've started to really appreciate food so much more since starting my journey. I think the best food I had was home cooked, or the fish pie in a little country pub surrounded by farmers and their dogs.

Your words always blow me away, Shuna. Thank you.

Great writing.
Why do people think being a chef is cool? I get that response all the time. Then I tell them I work on a boat and they flip out thinking it is a dream job. Reality little more than slave labor and confined space

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