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27 October 2010


Ha. i love cooking.

You're back, yay!!!!

The question is, where?

Hello Susan, The name of the restaurant is Peels and it's located on the Bowery in lower Manhattan. Come in and say hi. ~ shuna

Living the dream! I know you love it in the bottom of your heart though! I'm still on the journey...

Hi Shuna, your words are very inspiring.. I am not a chef, but I am the mother of one. And I see this tired over work young chef.. But the best part about it is that no matter how tired he is. I see the passion in his eyes, is like some kind of drug that overcomes your tired body. I know I see it everyday on my sons eyes. But over all you all deserve a metal, for the wonderful things food, for the hard work, the love in your kitchen, the long sleepness hour, the scars and burns that no one appreciates, and the passion that makes your body over come all this crazyness of the kitchen.. With love for my own little chef, that I am also proud of. Ty so much for your inspiring note.

oh drat! I'm going to be in NYC next week from the 2nd to the 6th or so. I was hoping to see you... but I'll be obedient and stop in and eat something and say hi. I've read this post, and I get it!
xxooo -julia at mariquita

This post sounds really bitter, albeit a decent representation of kitchen folk. Very "early Bourdain."

Through the storms, through the muck, through the everything, keep going!!! Beautifully written, deeply felt, really communicates!!

Powerful writing! I feel your raw emotions.

I am envious that you are so passionate about food that it consumes you. Maybe enlighten us what keeps you going?

Will try your creations when I drop by to NY!

I found out where you were from Tasting Table NYC

So when I had a chance to be in the city today, I was happy to have the opportunity to drop by and delighted to actually get to say hello to you.

Everything looked really good and it was tough making a choice. Today it was a snickerdoodle and the Peels muffin. Both really, really yummy.

Jayne! Thank you for saying hello! It's always a pleasure to meet those who have helped make eggbeater what it is :] Me and my baked goods hope to see you again. ~ Shuna

what a pleasure to find a post today! thank you. hang in there!!! ktln

i admire you a lot. despite of the stress and 'self deprivation'(in eating)you still inspire a lot of people with your cooking. i think it really is your passion.

Tell it like it is, sister.

Once again I am blown away by your writing and the truth in it. I'm no longer a chef, but it all resonates like it was yesterday not a dozen years ago. Every little bit of it. Your blog should be required reading for all aspiring chefs.

I love it Shuna. Great piece. SO true.

I laughed so hard and as I read it I was having some good-bad-crazy flashbacks of my working Chef years + being a Chef´s wife... (ha, best of the two worlds!) are right, being a Chef is so glamorous.

Aaahhh Shuna, you write it like it is, great stuff - totally related (even though I'm not in the kitchen full time anymore) but Oh Boy...., so true..., so true.

WOW! I can relate to all you wrote, down to the second. Keep up the passion and the fight for perfection. Much love from Kansas!


I loved the post. One things for sure; I'm not leaving my home kitchen for a professional one.

Very well written. You speak the words of so many that can't voice who or what they. So glad you are doing well. It's been a long time since we worked together.

Someone with authority speaks forus.

Loved that you made time to write this, and loved what poured out of you.

Hope there's more.

Being in this business for the past 34 years, I've experienced exactly what you've written, and I'd have it no other way. We are a certain type of breed. All of the downfalls of the business all seem worthwhile when at the end of the night you count 350 covers, and all went out without any major hitches. It's called "PASSION". There are millions of great cooks in the world, but only a few (relatively) that can run a kitchen. I am proud to be a part of the elite few that can still hang. If I didn't love this business, I would have hung it up long ago, but the "PASSION" is still there, and I can truthfully say that as tired as I may be in the morning, I still look forward to what my new day will bring.

I am extremely jealous of your command of language and expression...and your baking skills..ofcourse.

Thanks for sharing.

I stumbled on your blog when I was in culinary school and I have been keeping tabs on this site ever since. Usually when I need some inspiration; I wonder through your site and read,laugh,smile and take solace in the fact that we can all march to the beat of our own drums. Eggbeater was my inspiration for blogging and I am glad for it. Keep writing, so I can keep reading.

Hey Shuna, that's a big mouthful. If you're not taking care of yourself, let someone help! If you were here in SF I'd fill you with cheese samples and give you hugs, just for starters.

This is so true.

People look at this lifestyle as sort of a mental illness at times. My family wonders why I can't just be normal and keep normal hours, and even my significant other, who also cooks, grows tired of my kitchen talk night after night.
I am obsessed. I wonder...what is home? Days off...sleep, laundry, research.

I've been a reader for a while now, thanks for another amazing post. You speak for so many of us.

I just wanna say that your new photo is hot.

You are the Iron,Top,Next and Best Chef in my book. Bourdain better ask you for writng advice after reading this post. You go girl. "Wanna see my meat walk-in?"??? that is crazy. Peace, Paul

thank you Shuna

Hi Shuna - Keep fighting on. Your words are inspiring, and through them we can all feel how passionate you are about your calling. Hope it helps to know that your readers supports you! Will be visiting Peels soon!

Yep, sounds about right, only thing different I would add, now that I have been clean and sober for four years, I cook a little bit more, go home from my camp job for my days off and start cooking. I think the kitchen is an addiction, just unlike any other. If I'm not cooking I'm reading blogs or cookbooks, or writing my own, yep, addicted...

I am a girl Sous chef with no culinary school training. I was fifteen when I got my first job in a kitchen. Reading your posts (and re reading them, and re-reading them) inspires me, makes me better and keeps me motivated. You remind me I'm not alone. Your writing and your observations are spot on. Thank you!

I think, being a chef is really a glamorous profession. But the way you presented your experience here is really informative. Thanks for sharing and I'm really wondering if being a chef will also lead you to being "nerdy". Actually, for me, being a chef is fun!

Shuna, there is no doubt in my mind, after reading your posts, that should you decide to have early retirement you can take these posts - all of them - and publish a book.

Girl your talent is far deeper than the one you have now in the kitchen.

Jesus. You talk about the kitchen like I talk about Iraq.

Like I say to my troopers: chin up/ head down.

You know what? I'm about sick of chefs acting like they are saving the world. OK?!

You are NOT a brain surgeon.

You are NOT a detective solving a double homicide.

You do NOT work 70 + hours a week for the greater good.

You are a chef. You cook people overpriced food and neglect those around you for the sake of your "craft."

I appreciate your hard work and dedication - I do - but chefs need to realize they are glorified housewives cooking on a bigger scale.

And you know what? You are horrible people to try to love - because all you do is take, take, take.

You might love your job and think it's justified to alienate those around you, but it isn't. Chefs need to realize they aren't the most important people in the entire world - and if anything, you're decreasing the lifespans of the consumers with saturated fat and putting butter in everything!

Stop acting like you're solving world peace with your whisk and spatula - you aren't.

You're just a chef.

@Chefgirlfriend: Obviously, you don't "get it". It's not something I can explain, and unless you have the same bug, it's not something you can ever understand.

Why we do, what we do, how we do it, and the abuse and neglect we receive, accept, and dish out. Is there balance? Possibly. I haven't found it as yet. It's a life of broken dreams, broken lives, and living in the moment. No past, no present, just GET IT OUT NOW and make sure it's HOT.

Hey, I feel you on every level, i can't remember the last time i had a meal sitting down, not over a garbage can or in a corner somewhere, or the last time i got a chance to fall asleep before 3am. truth is im 19 going on 20 this year, and i've been in it since i was 16. You should talk about the aches and pains you get in your back, knees, and fingers ha, or the pace you have to prepare dishes and prep at. its nothing like tv. where they do one dish or two in 30 min and we do over 150 covers in the span of maybe an hour or two. Love every minute of it, Time seems to stop when your on the line. a minute feels like ten and how you dont acknowledge burns, cuts bumps but for a split second and then end up in the back outside smoking trying to figure out at what point in the night you got all those wounds haha. i will deff keep reading

I've heard over and over that people who try to make their passions/hobbies into careers end up hating/resenting the thing they once loved. Do you think it would ever be worth it (or even possible) to go to school to become a chef just as a hobby?

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