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10 November 2010


There are those times when I don't know which way to turn that I wish I had kept my mentor just a little bit longer.

Wow. Beautiful, Shuna, beautiful and powerful and true.

I hope you have people near you to lean into. You've got heart - I don't have enough heart to do what you're doing. If I could I'd lend you some. Take the thought for the deed.

sometimes you can't do anything else

I am sitting in front of my computer now, trying to write 3000 words of a novel in one day. 3K that will be worth it, not just there. Distracting myself, as I wonder if it's worth it.
Thanks Shuna, it is worth it.

Thank you for your insightful words. They were what I needed to hear. Peace.

just want to thank you for ALL of your words of wisdom and advice and truth and love you share. im starting tonight at my first 'real' cooking gig at the best joint in town, working under a chef (genius) whom i've admired for a long time.
i take what you say to heart, and im grateful for your guidance. today, on my big day, you've inspired me.

wow. Shudders. Thanks for the awesome poem. Esp the bit about wanting do zip off your skin.

Beautiful work. I see a book of Kitchen Psalms in your future.

amazing post it!

Yep. You TOTALLY do have to know your 'why' to be in this industry. Well said..... the people who are there for us while we keep loving this crazy industry and giving it our best for the sheer crazy love of what we do really do offer us clarity. Thanks Shauna.

Thank you.

I've been searching for a blog done by someone actually in the industry. Glad I found this.

I am Canadian but currently cooking at a michelin star restaurant in Copenhagen. Hoping desperately I will be able to save up some money to eat at some of London's restaurant soon.

If you are interested in checking out my blog please do and give me some feedback. I am just starting. Would love to hear some feed back from you.

All the best, keep up the good work.

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