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25 November 2010



I don't know when I came upon your blog, but I know I found it one day and have read it ever since. I wanted to say thank you to you, not because I think that's what you wanted out of this post but because your posts constantly remind me to humble myself and to say thank you to my chef and sous chef and all those around me who are so talented and easy going about everything (even beyond the items you mentioned doing for your staff). Thank you for reminding me with your posts that I read when I'm winding down from service that I do this for a reason and there is a right and wrong way to act in a kitchen.

Thank you.

Amen. I am thankful for you, Chef.

That really sucks.
I'm thanking you for this blog. It's because of you that my pie crust went from who know what I'll get to amazing every time. I tell every baker I know about your blog. You have inspired me to do new things and veer from a recipe I've never tried. When I have something to make I check here first. So thank you.
I can't believe not one of them said those two words. I spent a summer as a dishwasher in a tiny kitchen, and it was one of my favorite places to work because we all respected and appreciated each other and said lots of thank yous. Within weeks I was plating deserts and before the summer was out I had made a soup that ended up on the menu. And no matter how hot it was or how much we bumped into each other there wasn't a day that went by there that I didn't have fun. I hope your cooks wake up soon. I'm off to make pumpkin apple pie.

Dear Shuna,

I've been following your blog with great interest for some time.


And I can not thank you enough for that.

I usually don't write in comment boxes but the least I can do now is follow your advise.

Thank you,

A chef working in Langkawi, Malaysia

I'm thankful for your blog Shuna. Max and I miss you, wish you were here for Thanksgiving! Have a good one!

Thank you Shuna! Where did all these minimally talented prima donnas come from? I say it's the generation that was constantly told by their parents what lil' geniuses they were. (As in "You are NOT going to believe what my lil genius did today!!!!!") And another thing... a chef jacket does not equal a chef. It takes years, a lifetime to perfect our craft. If you have stopped learning that does not mean you're a chef. It means that you are a quitter ,a big ole fat-headed spoiled quitter. Don't get me started and oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving!-DL

Once again, you tell it like it is. Thank you

I know how you feel, Shuna. I teach at a university, and each semester I work with students who expect high marks for mediocre work--and who seldom express gratitude. Are they spoiled? Yes. Are they beyond helping or beyond hope? Never. Anyway, thank YOU for these many years of brave, thoughtful, moving words (and pictures).

You rock Shuna, I love that you say it like it is. I've posted this on my FB page to share with over 1,000 chefs from around the world.
Have an awesome Thanksgiving & 'Thankyou'

I am especially grateful of the dishwashers in every restaurant. They keep the machine running and we all depend on them.

One thing I am always amazed about is that most people don't even know the name of the dishwashers or care to know it.

Thanks for this blog, you are one great inspiration.

Gosh, well I have to make sure to say thank you to you and to everyone I've worked with, I hope I don't become complacent like that. What a shame that those people didn't appreciate everything that you and others have done for them.

I have an amazing chef. She works SO hard to make our lives easier, make our schedules work. She comes in on her days off and is there for us at the other end of a phone when she's not there. She makes me want to work harder just to keep up. And it's not just kitchen issues she deals with, but she listens to all our bitching and all our drama. I don't know how to thank her for that. Two little words aren't big enough. But I can hope they make a start. Thank you chef. Thank you all chefs for all your hard work.

Thank you Shuna, because of this blog I have become a good baker. There are countless posts that you have written that I come back to review time and again. Every once in a while someone asks me a question about cake, I almost always send them to your post "Why do cakes sink". You take time to teach what others don't. Thank you. Arrogance is what you are dealing with in those employees who didn't take a gift that was worth receiving. In my own office last year I heard many gripe about the christmas gift bonus they received. I reminded them that it was a gift that we weren't expecting (no one knew a bonus was coming), and that our boss was trying to do something kind for us. It didn't even occur to them that there were people without jobs or homes, who weren't getting a paycheck, much less a bonus so they could go christmas shopping. Those people and others like them, for some strange reason always feel like they are victims of society and ALWAYS need something to complain about. There is not a lick of volunteerism in them either, those same people do nothing to aid community projects that we help out with. It angers me, but it also makes me really sad for them, because they do not understand the delight of giving without ever expecting a return.

You go girl! I love it! "Please" and "thank you" go a long way. And come to think about it, after you say "thank you" or before saying it even, BAG YOUR OWN FUCKING GROCERIES!!!!!

holy shit!! love ur blog, brutal honesty, no bullshit. wish someday i can work for and learn from someone like u...

thank you!.

For the awesome blog, and for the few minutes every once in awhile I get to read it.

i see that you are very angry of this person, but it's not a singular problem, it happens everywhere. after reading your post i felt relieved, and i will share this post with some of my co-workers, they feel they deserve everything and do nothing to worth it or say thank you for it.

"esteemable acts build self respect"....what a great point you made with those few words!
The problem that we so often have seems to be our inability to distinguish self respect from self love!
Thanks for a very sobering post.

OMG!!! THANK YOU! for posting this. I am so tired of the general lack of just plain manners, the entitlement camps, and the attitudes of some of the people I have shared kitchens with. It's been to the point that now I feel that if I ever step into a professional kitchen again, it will be MY OWN, with people who have gratitude and a basic understanding of what it means to be humble, to help, to share, and to appreciate....Love your blog, read it whenever I have access, just thought you'd like to know.

I once got a severe reprimand for walking off the line (not busy, end of night) to give a dishwasher a glass of ice water because he looked like he was going to pass out. I got screamed at and was told that if i ever did that again I would be terminated. none of the savory that i was cooking was jeopardized, all out on time.

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