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05 December 2010


Love your idea, Shuna, and look forward to reading your memorials. I know they will be illuminating, inspiring, heartening and thought-provoking

love love love. yes. ok.

Thank you for this :)

So very true. I try with effort to make sure the people in my life know what they mean to me and how I appreciate them and sometimes they look at me like I am a nut job. Which could be true too! Thanks Shuna!

just sorta did this, in a post about some of the frugal/green influences on my life: The Many Faces of Frugal. My thanks to some dead, some living. Your post is very timely...I need to remember to voice my thanks to those I know without Internet. thx

A good idea whose time has come. I know someone that deserves this treatment--

Shuna, count me in.

What a wonderful, gracious idea. I feel part of my life is holding the memory of many whom others will never know, but with whom I was fortunate to share love. The hardest art commission I ever made was a pair of matching urns for the children of one of my best friends. I felt honored they asked me, but it took a long time; tears are blinding.

i like what you say

Hey Shuna,

Glad to see you are blogging again as am I, after a brief hiatus.
this was a beautiful piece of writing!
for me, I sometimes write love poems about my friends.
I look forward to reading one of your living memorials as I'm not sure what one would sound like. I think, if we are writers (especially via memoir) we do this in our own way. and you're right, people need to hear these things while they are alive!

Shuna, this is a beautiful post. We should celebrate the people we love while we can.

Every once in a while, I remember why I love you. Miss you, Shuna. Memorialize the unknown people, please, not just the known. 'Nobody is a nobody'. And nobody could write it like you could....

Chef -
This post, and the ones it sprung from resonated with me deeply. I lost my mother last year, and she did not have much to say about the whole affair. It makes me feel like we should perhaps treat death/dying like we do life. Push up against the walls, assess, discuss and plan it with regard. But also, in walking among the living, slap each other on the back and say how much fun it is (to use your metaphor). Beautiful blog, thank you.

My partner Vicki died in 2003 after 18 years together. I never said the things I wanted to and realized that when I presented her eulogy. With my partner now I tell her every day how wonderful she is and applaud her accomplishments, it is so important to value someone else's travels in life.

LOVE your idea. My high school is celebrating their 25th reunion this year. We want to memoralize those who have passed away and those alive. We are planning on planting a tree and encasing a bronze plaque. We are stumped how to honour the living and deceased equally in written form. It must be all encompassing, simple and short. Do you have any suggestions or direction we can go?
Thank you so much!

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