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29 September 2011


Your mother's book about knitting to overcome and deal with illness is the one I am passing on to a former employee, pastry chef friend recently diagnosed with cancer. She won't beable to bake with has given her much therapy over the years- but I am teaching her to knit something she has always wanted to do. Your blog seems to serve a similar purpose- explain why some of us choose to bake against all odds.

Wow, quite a legacy

Thanks for sharing! So delightful your life and family!

I thank you for telling us abour your thoughts. How delightful. I've read Susans "Take the long way home" for nearly fifteen years ago and since that time you and your family has felt very near. It is still my favourite book. As I was a social worker, even some of my clients, normally non-reading drug-abusing kids, wanted read it and were very impressed. I am about your age, little younger, but I feel right now what it means to give up the fight and find one's peace with the own parents. I am happy to hear that it feels good for you now and I wish you a good going on in the journey. All the best.

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