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11 September 2011


What a great tribute, and a wonderful piece of writing. I remember at the time of 9/11, hearing many in the food community here in SF mourning the loss of Heather Ho. I had never known her, and never knew of her. Thanks for making her come to life for those of us who never had the chance to know her.

I never knew her, but having eaten her desserts at Boulevard and knowing she had moved, she was the first person I thought of once I knew my friends and family were safe. I still miss her desserts.

Shuna -- I find it important that you titled the posing "remembered". Loss is searing, remembering is our way of dealing with it. Thanks for sharing your strong memories.

Really nice story. We all have such terrible memories of that time. Thanks for putting a face on it.

What Jen said. This was a great story. Thank you for it.

Great story. I'm sure she would be proud to say she was your friend.

Nice tribute, so many lives lost. I remember reading the obituaries every Sunday to connect with the people who died.

XO I am sorry for your loss. You were both so fortunate to have had one another for the time you did.

Gorgeous, Shuna, thank you.

Shuna, thank you for this. It brought such sweet memories of those golden days at GT. On that horrible morning I knew Heather was there, working and setting up her station. We had touched base a few weeks before, and promised to meet up after she had fulfilled her notice at Windows. I still can't believe she's not standing in front of a slab of marble somewhere, contemplating her pars for the night. She left an indelible mark on you, me, everyone she knew, really. I turn a corner in my own kitchen and there she is, pulling out a sheet pan from the rack or peering into my freezer. She was pure inspiration, pure joy.

Thanks for writing this.

It pains me to see that another great talent was caught in the middle of something senseless. Perhaps you can continue in your own way what Heather has begun. Thank you for writing this.

Thank you for the post. I met her as well. I waited until her name was read yesterday before I started my day. Rest in peace, Chef.

Yes,thanks for the recollections.I met Heather at a dinner once,and came away from it knowing that she was special,and later on,loved her desserts at the Dining Room. I was sad to know that she went through the deadly horrors on Sept. 11th,and sad for all of those who miss her....

I've never met you but I grew up with her, and you just nailed it. Your rememberance brought her back to life for me momentarily. I can picture her snapping at you perfectly and it puts a smile on my face. You stated it well, she truly was a piece of work and it's nice to see how many people she touched. Mahalo!

you know what? here I am in Texas not even knowing this person, but because you bloged about her now I will remember something and be inspired by her. I don't do face book or whatever I just don't have the time, but blogging I find very inspirational and in this business after a 12 hour day I just need it. when I read your blog. I went to work and tried to make something in another dimension she might have liked to eat. my specials aren't always perfect but this one was pretty close. when chef tried it he cussed...for him that's a thank you for writing about Heather Ho. now I will remember!

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