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25 September 2011


"The joke's on everyone." < LOVE that sentence. Love the whole post. (Come to think of it, the entire Eggbeater archive should be mandatory reading for every aspiring cook and chef.)


Thanks for posting. So many people are going into the industry blind nowadays; so many young cooks don't know the meaning of respect. It's refreshing to hear someone speaking honestly and with true concern for those looking to embark in this field. It's not easy.

Fuck yes

I could use this for anything. I really could. Not just for Chefs, but for other professions. This advice is profoundly real and not fluffy. This is truth.

I am not a chef today because of my lack of commitment to a kitchen, a team, a chef. I love cooking, but I lacked the discipline and real love of cooking at that level to keep at it. I learned early on that cooking for a living was not my destiny. However I love cooking for pleasure...leisurely and without pressure of customers,and critics.

I admire your honesty and truth telling. Add teacher and sage to your long lists of talents.

Nicely said, chef. As the poster above stated, this could apply to any professional facet of life.

Love this, and I love that you are getting the recognition that you deserve in a wider field.

I think I know what you mean about the rabbit hole, and I think I'm on my way into it, but I'm loving it. I think one thing that is happening with me is that I actually need to chill out a bit and be a little less worried about everything, and about letting people down as it is actually stopping me from being the pastry cook I could be.

Dear Chef. I've commented skeptically in the past, and I appreciate the fact that you posted those comments.

Today I have nothing to add except: you have my respect and total support for the thoughts expressed in this post.

Thanks for your ongoing writing alongside all your other commitments. Vent when you need to, throw us a posting bone when you have it in you.

What a coincidence, and a great thing to read! I JUST got a call to stage in a few days, and honestly wasn't sure what to expect. Thank you for your comprehensiveness and honesty-- this was extremely helpful.

LOVE this. My interns need to read this!

One of the reasons I love reading your column is that your writing and your industry have so much in common with mine (architecture/construction). We work crazy hours for the love of it. And everything you say here could be said almost exactly of my world (well, except for mise en place - we don't have that).

As someone who has my own business and works every day to do the best for my clients I know that nothing - NOTHING - is as important as my word and my hard work. I am my own, and only, marketing. And if I don't do what I say I will, do it honestly and as hard as I can, and do it with commitment, I will not have work. And I cannot keep people in my orbit who can't do the same as they will just drag me down.

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