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04 April 2012


Worry not, your someone we expect to step back up and show us the way! Can't keep up with you, your rising like dough!


Go, Shuna. Go.

Shuna, I read this post breathless and a little terrified, and still hanging on some of those beautiful words, having to go back and repeat the flow of two perfectly nestled sentences despite my rush. Your writing here is deep inside and perfectly ripe. I'm thinking and hoping that we both know what that means. Much love, dear friend.

A deeply moving piece of writing. Thank you!! Onward with hope, faith, and love!!

Poignant. I've shared similar experiences in my Culinary journey. I value my self-respect before others. I've sweated with the best of them; poured my blood onto their misery. It's Thankless. We do what we do because we love. Both, what we do,and who we do it for. The passion is in the blood. You cannot be what you are without BEING who YOU ARE. Let the others whom may mock us ponder why. I've no time to manage the faults of others. The countless failings of so many over 35 years of hard labor. I've learned from them.....alot. But mostly I've learned "What not to do; when (and if God willing) I have the chance to do it for myself. I will not BE that person. I will go home each nite and feel proud of what I accomplished-BE able to look myself in the mirror and FEEL like I was successful-no matter what obstacles I had encountered that day. Emeril has his 'essence'--I have mine. It seems you have yours as well.
Be Well, Chef.

Poignant. I'm in a very similar situation, same business, and totally relate to all you wrote here. Best of luck to you, Shuna.

Your Pastries will be missed!!!! Maybe you'll have an afternoon to spare for a bbq on our porch then....

Cheers and good luck!

You are an inspiration, and a class act, all the way. I wish you much luck and grace on your journey.

Good Luck! Whatever path you chose I am sure you will do great. Love your blog. It has helped to define me as a cook.

What a sweet and gentle post. We enjoyed what you accomplished at Peels and wish you the best in your future endeavors. Your attitude is beautiful. You will thrive.

Change is in the collective air. My inspiration will most likely move to another city to get back to cooking. He has been baking, trying to learn the craft. when I feel tired and uninspired I visit him in a dark alley during his break at 5 in the morning and talk about cooking and baking. He is my baking Muse. what will I do without him? The love of my life, my husband, is also going through change. his job might come to an end. Its hard to watch and I secretly thank my lucky stars that we aren't going through it at the same time. My chefs wife, and the list goes on... all I can do is hide in cake batter and watch as it hopefully passes me by knowing that it will return...for me! no escaping the new adventure.

I deep heart understand this post. Just went through the same ordeal twice with restaurants with no funding. It's painful, but at the end of the day you gotta be proud (and you are) of what you accomplished as a mentor and chef to your team and for creating outstanding experiences day after day after day for customers. I hope to see you on the West Coast?!? For a visit?

Onward and upward, dearest Shuna. Miss and love you always,

I have every confidence you'll land on your feet; your passion and obvious talent will see you to better things, hopefully with business associates that are more like-minded.
Like the phoenix, you will rise from the ashes...hey, that's not a bad name for a bakery!

Rebecca Charles

Oh Shuna. Such a heartfelt piece. Says so much. Thank you. And yes, how about a spring time visit to upstate Manhattan? We will feed you.

Bonne chance! Best of luck to you, you deserve it. Only wish I had been able to visit Peels. Though we've not met personally, you've influenced me greatly. Thank you.

Having eaten your baking and read your blog I know that you will land on your feet in a better place. Best of luck.

What smart and sensitive thoughts about change! We loved all we tasted and enjoyed and shared of your gorgeous work at Peels, and look forward to seeing and enjoying and sharing your next stage of pastry and writing and photo creativity!!! You're brilliant, and you spread joy!!! THANKS!!!! xoxo

I just discovered your blog, and as an aspiring cook/baker & food writer that is a fellow member of "the orange juice club" (as of a year in July!)... you're incredibly inspiring. Your culinary CV is so impressive and your words contain culinary wisdom and the wisdom of the new way of life that saved mine. I never thought I'd be able to do anything with my life, never be able to follow my passion and enter the culinary world. I'm starting a little late and am self-taught, having given a large portion of my life to other "pursuits", but I finally have hope that I can build a life around my passions now. You really are an inspiration, and I can't wait to see where life takes you. On it's own terms, naturally.

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