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01 September 2013


Great read.
Thank you!!!
Ted Niceley

''Your ALIVE-ALIVE", & oooh sooo busy, in a good way.congrats to you, though it feels like a zoo...
Main to me is you give yourself a life as well. Well lived. Always reliable for puttin it out there no holds barred & now you are doing something for the 'Pastry Chefs'...!!!Wooohooo !! Q. will you include some of ''YOUR" photography too?

Good to hear from you again

I always love your passion for pastry and the articles you write.
Not gonna miss a single column! Can't wait :)

Of course! Excellent evolution of your interests, heart and talent. Happy for you.

Great to see Eggbeater again!

Nice to see you posting again!

Fantastic! As you can see from my URL, I've been at large for ages, too. It's a good way to go.

So happy you're back. You are such an inspiration!

So, so wonderful to read news from you here. You go, Shuna!

I stumbled across this blog looking for pie crust recipes (forgive me, Grandma! I'm consorting with other recipes!) and I've been browsing since. Am a little in love. More than a little. Thanks for a bit of quiet, happy reading on a cloudy, autumnal day, to precede the acts of pumpkin pie about to be committed in my kitchen.

Great read, Thanks as always

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