02 June 2006

eggbeater t shirts: Sport The Old School Tool

I'm about to get some eggbeater t shirts in the mail--- one to Italy, one to England, and a third to a fellow Californian. Now is the perfect time to order one or two... as you can see I now have a very easy PayPal button!


These handsome T shirts are 100% cotton and come in every size up to XXXXXXL. They cost a mere $17 including shipping. (Unless you get more than 2 XL's, in which case I need to tack on whatever few dollars more it costs.) They have been intentionally printed by an individually owned small business screen printing company called Sundragon in old school downtown Oakland.

Eggbeater T shirts can be spotted on famous chefs, curly black haired Persian women, infamous farmers, bakers, novelists, grrrls, former Luddites, nerds, bois, activists, beautiful people, Jewish grandmothers, up-and-coming artists, intellectual Castro boys, underground restaurant critics, French Bulldogs, culinary students, brrrls, Moroccan soccer players, NY doctors, Jewpanese musicians, math teachers, hot dykes, award winning composers, interior designers, food bloggers, prolific writers, MFA in creative writing students, innovative song writers, sexy fat girls, handsome pastry chefs.

Isn't it time one was worn by you?

22 April 2006

eggbeater t shirts on the move

T_shirt_front_and_back_1Are you looking for that piece of clothing which will set you apart from the masses?

Want to wear a delicious conversation starter?

Need an extra confident bop in your step?

Desire sporting the Old School Tool?

The handsome dark blue cotton eggbeater t shirts can do all this for you.Eggbeater2_1

And more.

The eggbeater t shirt goes places. It travels. It inspires fantastic meals, supple sensuous sips, good hair days, and is an obvious display of great style!

I have S, M. L, and XL. {I can get you anything up to XXXXXXL, although in those larger sizes I will have to charge a bit more for shipping.}

The sizes really fit-- so take this into consideration when asking for the size you want! Eggbeater_shirt_shuna_three

These gorgeous 2 sided babies are selling for just $17, with a deal thrown in if you order 3 or more...we'll talk.

You can pay with Paypal or snail mail me a check--- email me and we'll work it out.

Many a person all over the world wears their eggbeater shirt


proudly, I hope you will too!!

19 November 2005

handsome clothing

Eggbeater_tshirt_2Thanks to all of you, I am picking up my third order of eggbeater T shirts shortly! Channukah is coming--- you can smell the latkes simmering in the late November breezes.

Don't delay, order your eggbeater T shirt today!**Instructions below**

Sport the old school tool!

As you can see in these photographs, the eggbeater T shirt is versatile. Fancy, frivolous, sexy, practical, fashionable, debonair, mysterious, fun.

Eggbeater_shirt_shuna_two Eggbeater_shirt_shuna_one

If you have a PayPal account it's easy because so do I. The T shirts are $17 and that includes shipping. (Unless you are on another continent, then we'll have to discuss...) I also have a special deal if you order more than 2, so think of all your friends, co-workers, family when ordering...

The eggbeater T shirt is now being worn by wonderful people in:

California: SF, LA, San Diego, Sacramento, Oakland, Emeryville, Richmond, Napa. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Florida. New York: Manhattan, Brooklyn. Birmingham, Alabama. Portland, Oregon. Seattle, Washington. Paris, France. London, UK.

Help support the gently whipping of eggs & cream, unique style, DIY human-Eggbeater_shirt_michael_fmpowered tools, me and my leetle orange & blue blog, and small Eggbeater_shirt_michael_fm2 business: for a good T shirt call Sundragon Screenprinting in Oakland, Cali.

The eggbeater T shirt goes anywhere you go. Opera or farmer’s market, Friday’s dress-down day or under the covers, art opening or a sweaty mountain bike ride, you name it, this deep blue T shirt fits the occasion. Classic colors, bold statement, dashing style.

**The How-To** Send the $17 to PayPal, email me what sizes you wish to purchase along with the mailing address you would like them to arrive at. (If you do not have a PayPal account, feel free to send a check.) The T shirt gets mailed to you in the following two weeks. Voila! *If you want higher than an XL I need to special order it. If I am shipping more than 2 T's I will let you know the extra cost of the shipping. If I need to send it out of the USA I will also need to charge you a bit extra for the shipping.*

28 October 2005

a new shipment has arrived!

Eggbeater_t_stacks And they're going fast! You guessed it--  heavy weight, ultra handsome, deep navy blue with fantastic orange graphics, an  eye catcher and a head-turner.

The  e g g b e a t e r  T shirt. A new vibrant printing. From Eggbeater_t_bogartthe creative team at Sundragon Screenprinting, a T shirt for friends, family and pets. A perfect gift for the holidaze or just a nice new piece that brightens the t shirt drawer.

Like to bake? Like this site? Have been aligned with the Luddites? Consider yourself old school? Want to look goood when you step out of the house? Like to keep them on their toes guessing what it is your showing off? Like Eggbeater_t_shirt_f_bto look unique? The eggbeater T shirt is for you. It suits many needs and desires.

We've got yer S, M, L & XL all for just $17 each, (unless I know you Real well or it's your second T, then we have a deal to make...) This baby shrinks unless you keep it clear away from the evil hot dryer. So think about how tight you need your shirt to fit...

Happy Shopping!

14 June 2005

the eggbeater T shirt has arrived!

T_shirt_amanda_back Just in time for, "what will I wear to gay pride next weekend?" e g g b e a t e r  100% cotton T shits have arrived to solve all your fashion dilemmas. Navy blue with orange graphics, this unique & slightly mysterious artwork will go with any pair of trousers, utility kilt, combat boots, sailorboy suit, fishnet stockings, Levi's, Catholic school uniforms or nakedness.

Think of all those summer BBQ's coming, hard-to-please birthday friends, and the people who seem to have everything, needimg the rare, one-of-a-kind gifts that take T_shirt_front_and_back forever to find. Not anymore! The perfect gift for all genders, ages and sizes is here!

The eggbeater T shirt was printed and designedSundragon_the_carousel  by a local company, Sundragon Screenprinting in downtown Oakland. An outrageous shop housed in a tall industrial building that's worth a visit if even just for delicious visuals. Housed in the same structure is aSundragon_closeup_screen wild metal machine shop that comes right out of your imagination and lands with a crash. A baby doll theMetal_shop_baby  size of a Kenworth 18 wheeler hangs from the rafters and decorates the ceiling with old neons, oftentimes on, even in the bright skylight lit space.

Metal_shop_neonSundragon Screenprinting is owned and operated by Fred Gromadski and Dan Palkki, who Fred says enthusiastically and aprreciatively, "ultimately it's Dan's expertise and strength which churns out the sweet prints!!" An established artist himself, Fred is a friendly native Northern Californian. He's hella mellow, a little shy, has incredible handwriting and flair and is dedicated to being a small business owner in Oakland. If you have a printing job, no matter how small, I highly recommend giving Fred your business.Metal_shop_machine T_shirt_amanda_front

My  e g g b e a t e r  T shirts are sized appropriately. Meaning that the small is even small for a lanky fellow like me. Fred tells me that if you put them in a high heat dryer (inside out please!) they should shrink about 7% from the bottom.


Act now, these first run T shirts come to you at the low low price of $17. A pay pal account will soon be ready for your orders....